KEN XIN DA--World in your hand, world of success.

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KEN XIN DA--World in your hand, world of success.

“Without small streams, there can be no oceans or seas.” Accumulation is an unchanging theory for companies to achieve success, through which a qualitative change is made in a long term by an unknown company. KEN XIN DA, as a well-known mobile phone brand in China, has realized this tremendous transformation after more than 10 years of hard work. Its products have spread all over the country and overseas and have won unanimous favorable comments from customers. The combination of prosperous production and sales has invited people to learn about it and choose it.


Shenzhen KenXinDa Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “KXD”) was formerly a trading company founded in 2003 specialized in mobile phones and accessories. Based on the understanding of the international mobile phone market and awareness of its huge possibilities and opportunities, Shenzhen KEN XIN DA Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. Owing to its rich experience in this industry and massive talents and capital it attracted, KXD has developed rapidly with a core team and correct development interest. From 2008 to 2010, the annual growth rate of its turnover was over 70%, while in 2010, the turnover achieved more than RMB 1 billion with 100% exporting sales, which really demonstrated the spirit of “Shenzhen Speed”.


KEN XIN DA is one of the few companies that have the right to produce both GSM and CDMA mobile phones and it established short-term cooperative relationships with many famous telecom operators in the world. KEN XIN DA has become a large-scale professional manufacturer which integrates R&D, parts production and assembly, sales and after-sales service of mobile phones with the provision of OEM/ODM services. Among them, KEN XIN DA is totally independent in all R&D, production, product assembly and quality control in the later stage. These processes are all completed by their own factories which are responsible, careful and devoted. This is also an important reason for the high quality and stable production capacity of KEN XIN DA products.


Such excellent companies must have their own principles and qualities. Yes, KEN XIN DA has its own unique and responsible management philosophy internally and externally. Most importantly, KEN XIN DA adheres to the business philosophy of integrity, innovation, efficiency and quality and strives to be bigger, better and stronger. It is committed to revitalizing the national communications industry to provide global customers with first-class international products and services.  It aims to become top mobile communication brands and manufacturers in the communications industry of the world. Under the guidance of a clear goal, there is no separation between employees and leaders and they spare no efforts to do their work.

At the same time, KEN XIN DA attaches great importance to the introduction of talents and technology. It focuses on technology and developed the world's top R&D and product development team for chip. The company has more than 100 research and development engineers and maintains close cooperation with the world's leading telecommunications companies and chip developers. With the team spirit, the company can have a quicker access to success.

It is interesting to mention the good service quality and attitude of KEN XIN DA. The company has a mature sales team and a perfect sales service network with solid support from various departments of the company including General Manager Office, Human Resources Department, Strategic Resources Department, Finance Center, Logistics Department, Domestic Sales department, international sales department, etc. Each department carries out the individual's work thoroughly and rigorously. It provides 24 hours around the clock customer services which are dedicated in solving specific problems for customers.  Their hard work has won unanimous praise from customers.

This embodies the philosophy of KEN XIN DA products. Zhang Haijun, the founder of KEN XIN DA said: “The products we are dedicated in should be practical, concise and connotative.” It is the consumers, the word of mouth and more importantly the product development and product competitiveness that establish a company's brand and determine its subsequent promotion. As is known to all, "high quality leads to high sales". In order to ensure the quality of every product, KEN XIN DA applies the test standards which are stricter than the industry standards. For example, in order to improve the use of mobile phones in extreme weather, accurate test of various indicators have been performed. On the other hand, appropriate adjustment has been made regarding cost performance, configuration and appearance to cater to the needs of young people. KEN XIN DA has undoubtedly become synonymous with the “Spirit of the craftsman” in China.

“Do not forget your initiative mind so as to achieve your final goal.” With excellent enterprise spirit, strong human resources and technology, first-class products and first-class service, KEN XIN DA is determined to become a national communications brand which is professional and has influences in the world.  It is foreseeable that KEN XIN DA will play a leading role among the world's mobile phone manufacturers.

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