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    • The other party cannot hear the sound during the call
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    • 2018-03-29
    • Профессионального характера:

    It is recommended to operate as follows:

    1.Check whether the local mute button (highlighted mute) on the call interface is clicked, resulting in the inability to hear the sound. Click to inactive the mute button.

    2.Microphone hole of your mobile phone may have been stuck by foreign objects, dust, debris or damaged, please send it to the customer service center for testing and handling;

    3.If it is occasionally inaudible, it may be a network failure. It is recommended to disconnect the network and try again; if the other party can not hear your voice, but can hear the other contact's voice, please back up the mobile data (phone number, text message, etc.) and send your mobile phone to the KXD Customer Service Center for testing;

    4.If the other party can not hear any sound at all, it is recommended that the other party back up the data and send the mobile phone to the local KXD customer service center for processing.

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